Macrame Care

So you've purchased some macrame... you are awesome, thank you so much for your support! 

In order to keep your piece(s) looking great I have outlined a few tips for you.

- Most wall hanging pieces will begin to fray or unravel with time and movement - this is natural and will enhance that "boho" style of a piece. Braided or 3-ply cord will take longer to fray than a single strand cotton. FYI, most pieces from me will be 3ply or single strand cotton rope. 

- If your piece has lots of fringe, it will come with a comb. Use this comb to keep the fringe/tassels looking nice and fresh. Simply hold the top of the tassel and gently comb down and away. Trust me, combing your piece makes a big difference. I also find it oddly satisfying :) 

- You might find lint or hair on your hanging -- this is totally normal. Fibre attracts fibre and hair so easily, especially if you live with any fur babies. A lint roller can easily help with this! Gently roll along the piece. If your piece has any loose fringe or ropes, roll them down and towards the floor. 

- If for whatever reason, the piece gets dirty, spot clean it with a gentle detergent. 

- Please keep in mind macrame is for decor or personal use, not intended as a toy or for children unless specifically stated on the product listing.